Soft Play Rules

  1. Parents must remain within the building at all times and observe their children to ensure that they are capable of using the equipment safely.
  2. Parents must know where their child is and make sure the child knows where they are at all times. 
  3. All children may only use the facility when accompanied by an adult.
  4. Children remain the responsibility of their parents / guardians at all times.
  5. Children are advised to wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts. Adults and Children MUST wear socks at all times. 
  6. No shoes to be worn on the play structure. 
  7. Only food and drink purchased at The Ark Café may be consumed on the premise.
  8. Management reserves the right to refuse entry. 
  9. The Ark reserve the right to restrict play sessions to 2-hours during busy periods. This will be communicated to customers before payment is taken on reception.
  10. Children who are unwell should not use the play equipment.
  11. Lockers are provided for valuables to be stored safely. The Ark takes no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen property whilst within the Club. 
  12. The Ark encourages children to play, run free and explore in a safe environment. As such, there are inherent risks, these include children being exposed to moderate physical activity, tripping, falling and bumping into fixed object and other children. 

The Ark has taken every reasonable step to control the risks within the soft play through the design, maintenance and operation of the facility. However, it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely whilst providing a stimulating environment and Parents / Guardians must recognise and accept this risk.

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