Soft Play Rules

  1. We reserve the right to restrict play sessions to two hours during busy periods.
  2. Only food purchased at The Ark cafe can be consumed on the premises. 
  3. No phones or cameras on the play equipment.
  4. Personal belongings are the responsibility of Parents and Guardians. The Ark accepts no liability whatsoever for lost, damaged or stolen property.
  5. Children must be supervised by a Parent or Guardian at all times and must not be left unaccompanied on the premises.
  6. We do not provide or accept responsibility for the supervision of children on the premises. Children remain the responsibility of Parents and Guardians at all times, including toilet visits.
  7. Parents and Guardians are responsible for the behaviour of all children in their care.
  8. Parents and Guardians are responsible for assessing the suitability of the equipment provided for children in their care and the ability of those children to use it.
  9. Children who are unwell should not use the play equipment.
  10. The toddler area is for children under 3 years of age. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the younger children.
  11. Shoes must be removed before using the play equipment.
  12. Socks must be worn at all times.
  13. We strongly recommend that children wear long sleeves and trousers to avoid friction burns.
  14. Clothing with ropes, cords, hoods, toggles, sharp points (buckles, studs and similar) must not be worn on the play equipment and all items should be removed from pockets.
  15. All jewellery including ear studs and watches and all sharp objects such as keys, keychains, coins, badges or similar to be removed before entering the play equipment.
  16. Adults supervising children who wear glasses or contact lenses should take particular care.
  17. No toys to be taken onto the play equipment.
  18. When descending the slide(s) do so in a sitting position with arms crossed and only one person per slide line at any one time.
  19. No climbing up the slides or stopping half way down the slides.
  20. Do not climb or hang on any of the netting or the play frame.
  21. Balls or other objects must not be thrown.
  22. No food, drink or sweets are allowed on any part of the play equipment. Chewing gum is not allowed on the premises.
  23. Please report any accident or injury to a member of staff.
  24. Any damage to the play equipment must be reported to a member of staff whether deliberate or accidental.

The Ark encourages children to play and explore in a safe environment. However, there are inherent risks with any activite play. The Ark has taken every reasonable step to control the risks within the soft play area through the design, maintenance and operation of the facility. However, it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely and Parents and Guardians visiting The Ark recognise and accept these risks.

Management reserves the right to ask any person not observing any of these rules to leave the premises, without refund.

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