Posted on 14th February 2015

Love Is In The Air at The Ark!

In spite of years of vowing she would never re-marry, duty manager Hayley House made a shock proposal to her long-term partner Jerry (The Ark's maintenance manger) when she emerged from a large wrapped gift box earlier today.

The couple, always come in for breakfast while one of their children has ice skating lessons and Hayley decided it would be the perfect opportunity to pop the question.

Tux, The Ark’s mascot penguin wheeled Hayley out in a wrapped box, then, with the assistance of his handler, Tux unrolled a banner saying “Jerry, will you marry me….?” and Hayley emerged!  Thankfully, the reply was a resounding “Yes,” from Jerry.  

The couple, who have been together 13 years, have five children, and Hayley said she decided to change her view of getting married when she overheard their two youngest children, Joshua and Evie saying ‘So, you're not our real Mum and Dad then’.

“I have been quite vocal in the past about never getting married again and in turn Jerry has also adopted this approach. He has never been married before,” said Hayley.

“The reason for doing this now? I want to make my family complete and when better to propose than Valentine’s Day?” she added.

Congratulations Hayley and Jerry – we're looking forward to The Ark’s first wedding!


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